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1oz dripper bottle


The Manifest oil is a powerful tool to help you harness your power and attract whatever your heart desires (love, money, inner peace, healing, ect. ). This oil helps you focus your intentions and turn them into tangible things.


How to use: Set your intention before each use. Anoint your body, add to your bath, place a few drops on a dollar and keep it in your wallet, use on candles or during mediation, or add to important papers. The manifest Oil can boost to your rituals and Stimulate the Law of Attraction.


Speak your intention to the universe as you use the oily daily.


Reiki Charged


Ingrdients: Organic cold pressded jojoba and aragon oil, essential oils, bay leaves, cinnamon, chamomile flowers, dried roses, star anise, vitamin E and other powerful manifestation ingredients.


Please keep in mind, that while this oil can help bring magic into your life through the properties in each ingrediant, there is no guarantee that this oil will work the same for everyone. And like all things in life, please allow the magic to happen in its divine timing.


Handcrafted in Phoenix, AZ, this product is vegan and cruelty free the way it should be.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Discontinue use immediately if irratation occurs.

Please consult a doctor prior to use if allergy prone

Please consult a doctor if pregnant

Product not made for consumption

Keep out of eyes and mouth

External use only

Manifest Oil


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