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Hi, I'm Monique the founder of Moon Mama Magic. I started this company in Phoenix, Arizona with the intent of helping people live a life of more clarity and self empowerment. Everything started when I took the leap of faith and started giving Tarot readings and sharing my spiritual journey on a very public platform (Instagram). I still give readings (which you can book here), but I wanted to offer people more tools of divination to help them in their lives. I believe that we as humans are very magical and I hope to help you embrace and trust your magic! 

All of the Moon Mama Magic products are handcrafted and cruelty free - the way it should be. Everything is made in small batches and I try my best to use organic and natural materials. I hope you love these products as much as I do, and I hope they help bring magic into your life. 

Psychic Medium Monique
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